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Build your own unique summer experience.

Oxbridge Academic Programs has been offering summer study opportunities to adventurous students in grades 8-12 for over 30 years. We are based in some of the world's best universities, and in historically and culturally significant cities, across the UK, Europe, and America. You can choose two subjects - a major and a minor - from a range of more than 200 subjects. Outside of class, there are a huge number of elective extra-curricular activities on every program, as well as guest speakers, workshops, and field-trips. 

Wherever you go with us, you can build your own unique summer experience.

About Oxbridge

Our courses use the city like a classroom, taking full advantage of the local museums, historical sites, laboratories, and local experts available. You will get a full pre-college experience by living in the same spaces as undergraduates during the year. During your free time, you can explore a new city and make friends with peers from across the world. Whether your dream is to study Medicine at Oxford, improve your French or Spanish, or make a film in Los Angeles, we have a program for you!

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We have programs in the following locations:

United Kingdom: Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews

France: Paris and Montpellier

Spain: Barcelona and Salamanca

United States: Boston, Los Angeles, and New York City

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We offer over 200 courses, many of which aren’t available at school, and all of which are taught by university experts and industry professionals. Our most popular courses include Medicine, Law, Business, and Psychology. You choose two subjects, a major and a minor. The major meets six mornings per week and the minor meets three afternoons per week.

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Student Life

Breakfast is served in hall each morning from 8-9am. Outside of major and minor classes, we offer a huge range of excursions and activities: from sports to movie nights to museum visits, there is something for everyone! Dinner is served in hall, and check-in takes place later in the evening, giving you time to explore the city.

To learn about activities on individual programs, select a program:

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Student Safety & Supervision

Your child’s safety is our top priority.

We have over three decades of experience. In that time, we have devised protocols to resolve issues that can come up when students are away from home.

Our staff meet every student at the airport, and escort them to the program campus. The programs are all located in venues with 24-hour professional security. We employ teams of highly-qualified and experienced high-school teachers as Program Directors and Deans to manage any pastoral needs. Every program has an office on-site that is open for student support and parent calls from 8:00am until midnight, and we have staff residing on every hall with our students should they need support during the night. Our programs are zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol.

Student Safety, Rules, and Behavior

Program Blogs

Every summer our students and staff create program blogs to keep family members and friends abreast of their adventures around the world. Our blogs may not be great works of literature, but they do paint a clear picture of student life on the programs that tell us about activities, performances in a variety of classes, guest speakers, and more.

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Tuition, Dates, & Details

The comprehensive fee includes: all tuition and instruction, accommodation, breakfast and dinner daily, transportation to and from the airport, all books and materials, guest presentations, workshops, field trips, and all cultural and social activities organized by the program, including sports, excursions, museum and gallery admissions, and theater tickets. It does not include airfare, lunch daily, or personal expenditures, such as snacks, laundry, souvenirs, and so on.

Program Grades Dates Tuition
The Oxford Tradition Grades 10 - 12 1 July - 28 July   $8495 US
The Oxford Prep Experience Grades 8 - 9  30 June - 26 July  $8295 US
The Cambridge Tradition Grades 10 - 12 8 July - 4 August   $8495 US
The Cambridge Prep Experience Grades 8 - 9 7 July - 2 August   $8295 US
Oxbridge at St Andrews Grades 9 - 12 27 June - 24 July  $8295 US
L'Académie de Paris  Grades 9 - 12 2 July - 29 July  $7995 US
L'Académie de France Grades 9 - 12 2 July - 29 July   $7895 US
La Academia de Barcelona Grades 9 - 12 4 July - 31 July   $7995 US
La Academia de España Grades 9 - 12 3 July - 30 July   $7995 US
The New York College Experience Grades 9 - 12 25 June - 22 July   $8295 US
Oxbridge at UCLA Grades 10 - 12 29 June - 26 July  $7895 US
Oxbridge at UCLA Prep Grades 7 -  8 8 July - 28 July  $6100 US
The College Experience in Boston Grades 9 - 12 24 June - 21 July   $8295 US
The Oxford Summer Seminars Grades 10 - 12 Session I: 30 July - 6 August;
Session II: 6 August - 13 August;
Double Major: 30 July - 13 August 
One week: $2700 US;
Both weeks: $4700 US
The Oxford Spring Seminar Grades 10 - 12 1 April - 8 April; 8 April - 16 April   $2550 US
The New York College Seminar Grades 9 - 12 31 July - 6 August  $2550 US
Paris Connection Grades 8 - 12 Various dates in July - August  $1345 - $1795 US
The New York Connection Grades 9 - 12 21 July - 25 July  $1345 US


Most students apply online through our website. Applications are rolling, so we recommend applying as early as possible to secure a place in your preferred courses.

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