Oxbridge at UCLA Prep

Grades: 7-8
July 8 – July 28, 2018
Tuition: $6100

Are you in 7th or 8th grade? Join us in Los Angeles this summer! We are proud to unveil our new Oxbridge at UCLA Prep program. Based on the format and appeal of our Oxbridge at UCLA program for 10-12th graders, which has run for the past three summers, this program will give younger students a taste of the Oxbridge experience, and introduce them to one of the greatest university campuses - and cities - in the world. Scroll down to read course descriptions, activities, and apply now!


Students choose two courses, one as a Major and one as a Workshop. Majors meet five mornings a week and, depending on the nature of the course, include in-class time for fieldwork, labs, workshops, guest speakers, group discussions, and one-on-one instruction. They also include homework and require some project and preparation time outside of class. Workshops meet three afternoons a week, with no homework and all work contained within the class session. Major and Workshop options include:

Augmented Reality and Game Design  

Students will design and make their own Artificial Reality game in Unity3D game engine, learning skills such as game design, C# programming, and animation in a highly interactive and exciting process. Students will learn game design fundamentals, which they’ll put into practice in their own virtual world, complete with complex models, props and mechanics. By participating in this course, students train their logic and design skills, and innovative thinking capabilities. After learning about scripts and tools for special effects and AR implementation, students will receive a copy of the game, along with their original designs, so that they can continue creating long after the course has finished.

Creative Writing

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” Students learn to tell stories, render their experiences, observations, and ideas into words. They learn the fundamentals of creative writing and read and write pieces of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. They participate in workshops, an integral component of any college-level creative writing class. The course culminates in a reading at the program final show, as well as the production of a digital literary journal.

Photography, Design, and New Media

An introduction to photography in which students learn to use their camera's manual shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings to control exposure and effects. They learn composition and lighting, and experiment with angle, framing, lens choice, and exposure. They edit their work in Photoshop, learn about the different new media platforms changing the way we see the world and process information, present their work, and learn how to give and receive criticism. Using LA as their backdrop, they practice different styles of photography. Finally, each student curates a selection of photographs to exhibit in a final show. Students need to bring their own DSLR camera with USB cable, charger, manual, and at least one 8GB memory card.

Speech and Debate

From elocution to forming a convincing argument, this course provides students with a practical and diverse range of public speaking skills. Classwork also focuses on preparing and presenting regular debates on a variety of controversial topics related to Los Angeles and the United States. The course culminates in a formal debate judged by a panel.


Our Faculty comes from leading local universities, and our creative and workshop courses are taught by professionals – acclaimed writers and poets, filmmakers, photographers, and actors selected for their talent and their ability to inspire. Led by these outstanding individuals, and operating in small, seminar-style classes, our courses immerse students in subjects about which they are passionate while helping them uncover the spectacular sites and cultures in which they are living.  

Our Residence

Students reside on the University California Los Angeles campus in the Sproul Landing/Cove residence halls. Sproul Landing is located in the heart of UCLA, in the heart of the residential community on the Hill. Students make use of communal facilities, including study rooms, TV rooms, and lounges with comfy couches. Rooms are doubles with shared facilities on the hall. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided on-campus in a nearby dining hall. Our on-site team lives in the residence with our students, and provides for their well-being. They chaperone their activities, are available to parents and students 24/7, and supervise check-in in the dorm every evening from 9-10pm.


Beyond their classes, students take advantage of activities on-campus: swimming, sports, games, movie nights, and off-campus, with trips to Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Griffith Park Observatory, California Science Center, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Malibu and Santa Monica beaches, the Getty Museum, and more.

Useful Info for Parents


Every student is met at LAX airport immediately upon arrival and escorted back to the residence. At the end of the program students are accompanied to LAX airport where our staff oversee check-in and departure. A representative stays at the airport until all the flights have departed.


Oxbridge at UCLA Prep takes place in a secure residence, on a safe campus, with controlled access and 24hr security. All program activities are chaperoned while day-to-day life is overseen by teams of Deans - professional educators drawn from leading schools. Each program has an office, in a central location, which is open and permanently staffed by Deans from before 8am until well past midnight, where students and their parents can seek advice or assistance. Every student checks in several times a day with the Deans on duty. The Program Director, Deans, residential staff, and some members of Faculty live in the residences, ensuring round-the-clock care and supervision.

Student Safety, Rules & Behavior

Program Blog

Every summer, students and teachers on Oxbridge programs maintain a blog, which provides unparalleled insight into daily life, classes, and activities. Last summer’s blogs are available here!

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