The Cambridge Prep Experience

Grades 8-9
July 7 - August 2, 2018
Tuition: $8295

The Cambridge Prep Experience  is housed at Peterhouse. Our students live in the same rooms as undergraduates during the year, and work with leading academics, including University lecturers, Gates and Marshal Scholars, and creative professionals. They choose two courses - a Major and a Minor - from a myriad of courses including Medical Science, Business, Espionage, Law, and Veterinary Science, immerse themselves in Cambridge, and go on field trips to London and Canterbury. Students can also opt to add on the Paris Connection and spend 4 days in Paris before heading home. Scroll down to read course descriptions, faculty bios, and apply now!


Students on The Cambridge Prep Experience can choose from over 27 academic and creative courses that are designed to use the gamut of Cambridge’s extraordinary resources.  All courses are experiential.  They typically involve museum visits and field-trips, eminent guest speakers, project-work, and more. Popular courses include Medical Science, Cosmology, Entrepreneurship, and Math and Nature. Descriptions for these are below, and you can follow the link to read more about all our courses.

Medical Science

This hands-on course introduces students to key aspects of medicine and modern medical practice. Combining specialist lectures with experiments and class discussions, students learn the main principles of human anatomy and physiology, the pathology and significance of certain diseases, the main challenges that medical science faces today, and the variety and changing nature of careers in medicine.


How did the universe come into being, and how will it end? What is the universe made of? What is space, and what is time? Cosmology takes as its subject nothing less than the entirety of the universe – its evolution, origin, and structure. Students examine the development of galaxies, the shining of stars, and the Big Bang theory. They also venture into the unresolved mysteries of space, including black holes and dark matter. Cambridge has hosted an unbroken chain of cosmologists from Isaac Newton to Stephen Hawking. Where better to gain a foundation in this fascinating subject?


Students discover what makes and drives entrepreneurs, what rules they should follow, and which ones to defy. They learn how to identify demand, generate a business plan, canvas for support, calculate overhead, determine fixed and marginal cost, estimate break-even and future value, and manage debts and depreciation. They identify a gap or need in the market and produce their own business and marketing plans before launching pop-up businesses.

Math and Nature

How does math arise in and apply to nature? Students look at algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus, and then examine the presence of math in the world by exploring phenomena like Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio. Students are introduced to topics such as Newtonian physics and chaos, quantum, and string theory – Cambridge is at the forefront of thinking in all these subjects.

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Our teachers are academics and researchers drawn from the University and established creative professionals.  A few biographies are listed below, and you can follow the link to meet all our faculty.

Dr. Angel Garcia

BS Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, MPhil, PhD University of Cambridge

Dr. Garcia holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge. Today he works as an engineer with a specialization in nanotechnology. He has held a number of major research appointments, including at the Los Alamos National Research Laboratory in the United States where he worked on carbon nanotube characterization. For many years he has supervised undergraduate and graduate students in engineering. He is active in the technology startup community in Cambridge, which is commonly known as the Silicon Fen.

Dr. Natalie Quinn

MEng University of Manchester, PhD University College London

Dr. Quinn is a structural engineer at Momentum Consulting Engineers. She is currently working on projects to assess the seismic performance of historic buildings in Peru, and to recommend appropriate strengthening solutions where required. She has carried out extended fieldwork in Peru to gather data on geometry and materials, and has collaborated with many architects and local stakeholders as part of the process. Dr. Quinn gained her PhD in Civil Engineering from University College London. She is a committed teacher and has supervised architecture students up to graduate level. Outside of academia, she has contributed to poverty alleviation and disaster relief projects run by groups like Engineers Without Borders and Pisco Sin Fronteras.

Robert Shessol

BA University of Pennsylvania, BSc Wharton School of Business

Rob is an investment analyst based in Prague. He acts as a principal for an international team of investors establishing a $100-million mezzanine fund focused on Central European real estate. His career began in the Real Estate Group of Salomon Smith Barney's New York Investment Banking Division. There he helped to lead several IPOs, raising over $7.5 billion in the process. Later Rob relocated to Europe to take on senior positions in venture capital. He worked first in Dublin and then in the Czech Republic. Most recently, Rob has consulted with The Gem Group, a London-based private equity fund.

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Our Residence

Peterhouse is the oldest college in Cambridge. It was founded in 1284 by Hugo de Balsham, Bishop of Ely. Its historic surroundings and intellectual heritage welcome The Cambridge Prep Experience. The dining hall dates from 1286 and boasts the distinction of being the oldest space in the University to have remained in continual use — 731 years. The college gardens also feature an extensive former deer park. Over the course of its long history, Peterhouse has produced scores of illustrious graduates and fellows, including Charles Babbage, Lord Kelvin, five Nobel laureates, the actor David Mitchell, and the director Sam Mendes.

Students are housed in the College in singles or doubles.  En-suite singles and doubles are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Our extracurricular program is designed to strike a healthy balance between study and leisure time and to help students to relax and unwind. Our Activities Directors organize a full daily program of elective sporting and cultural events. Sports typically include punting on the Cam, dances, hikes in the countryside, soccer, tennis, cricket, and Quidditch tournaments. Students wishing to immerse themselves in Cambridge’s thriving cultural scene can attend the Shakespeare Festival, walk to the beautiful Grantchester Meadows nearby, browse the antiquarian bookshops, visit an exhibition in the Fitzwilliam Museum, listen to Evensong in King's College Chapel, or simply watch the world go by in a local café. There are innumerable historical sites in the city that mark pivotal events in British history. Every college is both a chapter in the University's story, and a glimpse into centuries of intellectual endeavor and academic tradition.

With summer festivals, music, theater, art and museum exhibits, Cambridge offers unsurpassed opportunities for cultural exploration and adventure. We do our best to ensure that all our students make the most of their time in England.

Paris Connection – August 2 – August 6

The Paris Connection is a 4-night extension to The Cambridge Prep Experience.  Students are taken to Paris on the final day. They are housed at the MIJE, in the Marais, a beautiful historic district on the rive droite. The area is home to art galleries, cafés, and boutiques, and is within easy reach of, among others, Notre Dame, the Île Saint-Louis, the Louvre, the Tuileries, the Picasso Museum, and the Pompidou.

The schedule is carefully designed to make the most of our students’ time while blending study and fun. Activities include expert-led visits of world-famous museums and monuments, outings to Montmartre, the catacombs, fun-fairs, shopping, and sampling different French cuisines in a selection of traditional restaurants. Paris becomes the perfect place for discovery and learning.

Paris Connection

Useful Info for Parents


Every student is met personally at Heathrow or Gatwick airport upon arrival and escorted to Cambridge. At the end of the program, they are accompanied back to the airport, where we oversee check-in and departure. A representative stays at the airport until every flight has departed.


Cambridge is extremely safe.  Peterhouse has controlled access and twenty-four hour security. Day-to-day life is overseen by teams of Deans - professional educators drawn from leading schools in the US, Canada, and Australia. The College has a program office, in a central location, which is open and permanently staffed by Deans from before 8am until well past midnight. Every student checks in personally, twice, every evening, with the Deans on duty. The Program Director, Deans, residential staff, and some members of faculty live in the residences, ensuring round-the-clock care and supervision.

Student Safety, Rules, and Behavior

Program Blog

Every summer, students and teachers on The Cambridge Prep Experience maintain a blog, which provides unparalleled insight into daily life, classes, and activities.  Last summer’s blog is available here!

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