The Cambridge Tradition

Grades 10-12
July 8-August 4, 2018
Tuition: $8495

The Cambridge Tradition is housed in Jesus College. Our students live in the same rooms as undergraduates during the year, and work with leading academics, including University lecturers, Gates and Marshall Scholars, and creative professionals. They choose two courses - a Major and a Minor - from a myriad of courses including Aerospace Engineering, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Filmmaking, Espionage, Genetics, Law, Medicine, and Art, through which they immerse themselves in Cambridge, and go on field trips to London and Canterbury. Students can also opt to add on the Paris Connection and spend 6 days in Paris before heading home. Scroll down to read course descriptions, faculty bios, and apply now!


Students on The Cambridge Tradition can choose from over 40 academic and creative courses that are specially designed to make the most of Cambridge’s world-famous resources.  All courses are experiential.  They typically involve museum visits and field trips, eminent guest speakers, project work, and more. Popular courses in recent years have included Aerospace Engineering, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Economics, and Medical Science. Descriptions for these are below, and you can follow the link to read more about all our courses.

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is about the creation of aircraft and spacecraft – quite literally “rocket science!” Participants examine the disciplines most important to the industry, including aerodynamics, electronics, mechanics, operations systems, statistics, and thermodynamics. The course culminates with the replication of real design offices of either aircraft or spacecraft companies. Students go through every stage in the creation of a new vehicle, including aerodynamic profiling, engine sizing, and structural design.

Astronomy and Astrophysics

Cambridge is the ideal observatory from which to explore fundamental questions about the universe. How did it begin, and what is our place within it? What is time, and will it ever come to an end? This course takes students on a journey through space, from the infinitesimally small components of atoms to the unimaginably large. It addresses topics including the Big Bang, galaxy formation, the history of our own solar system, orbital mechanics, and string theory.


Cambridge has produced almost as many eminent economists as it has scientists. Students follow in the footsteps of John Maynard Keynes and Amartya Sen, and are introduced to the theories that govern contemporary economic thought. They also discover the fundamentals and methodologies of economic modeling. They go on to test their knowledge against contemporary economic problems in order to understand how the world economy might evolve. 

Medical Science

This hands-on course introduces students to key aspects of medical science and modern medical practice. Combining specialist lectures with experiments and class discussions, students learn the principles of human anatomy and physiology, the pathology and significance of certain diseases, the main challenges that medical science faces today, and are introduced to the wide and growing range of possible careers in medicine.

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Our teachers are academics and researchers drawn from the University and established creative professionals. A few biographies are listed below, and you can follow the link to meet all our faculty.

Dr. James Black

BS, MPH University of Otago, MPhil, PhD University of Cambridge

James is a medical researcher based in the Department of Non-communicable Disease Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. His doctoral thesis focused on the optimization of treatments in populations with Type 2 diabetes. Past projects have included an effort to manage child obesity with the National Health Service, and the creation of model injury recovery profiles for the WHO Global Burden of Disease study. James is also a seasoned pedagogue. He supervises medical students at both undergraduate and graduate level, and has significant experience leading workshops and training for fellow health professionals.

Dr. Ross Colquhoun

MEng, PhD University of Glasgow

Dr. Colquhoun is an expert in biomaterials engineering, and is a sought-after industry figure. Recent projects include an innovative collaboration between the University of Glasgow and Giltech Ltd. to develop degradable phosphate glass fiber composites for regenerative orthopedic applications. His research interests include biomaterials, glass manufacturing, orthopedics, inorganic chemistry, and vibrational spectroscopy. Dr. Colquhoun has also worked with ClydeUnion Pumps to investigate the failure mechanisms of hydraulic artificial lift systems.

Dr. Jamie Gundry

BSc, MSc University of Nottingham, PhD University of Cambridge

Dr. Gundry is a Fellow of Darwin College in the University of Cambridge where he supervises undergraduates in Zoology. He also maintains an active photography practice. He acquired a love of wildlife having been raised in the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean, and in Dartmoor in England. He went on to pursue a Master's degree in Biological Photography and Imaging at Nottingham University before coming to Cambridge, where he gained a doctorate on insect flight. As part of his research he developed a range of imaging technology and techniques. To date he has created high-quality imagery of about 700 of the University Museum of Zoology's specimens for the use of researchers around the world. His photography work also takes him to locations across Britain and Europe to capture charismatic wildlife, from puffins in Pembrokeshire to white-tailed eagles Norway.

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Our Residence

Founded in 1496, Jesus College stands on the site of a 12th-century Benedictine nunnery. Famous alumni include Thomas Cranmer, who compiled The Book of Common Prayer, author Laurence Sterne, poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and the Queen's youngest son Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex.

Jesus is situated only minutes from the medieval marketplace in the city center.  Students have access to the most spacious grounds of any Cambridge college that include an orchard, soccer, rugby and hockey pitches, tennis courts, and beautiful gardens.

Students are housed in the College in singles or doubles.  En-suite singles and doubles are available on a first-come, first served basis.


Our extracurricular program is designed to create a healthy balance between study- and leisure-time, and to help students to relax and unwind. Our Activities Directors organize a full program of daily elective sporting and cultural events. Sports typically include punting on the Cam, dances, soccer, tennis, cricket, and Quidditch tournaments. Students wishing to immerse themselves in Cambridge’s thriving cultural scene can attend the Shakespeare Festival, walk to the beautiful Grantchester Meadows nearby, browse antiquarian bookshops, see exhibits in the Fitzwilliam Museum, listen to Evensong in King's College Chapel, or simply watch the world go by in a local café. There are innumerable historical sites in the city that mark pivotal events in British history. Every college is both a chapter in the University's story, and a glimpse into centuries of intellectual endeavor and academic tradition.

With summer festivals, music, theater, art and museum exhibits, Cambridge offers unsurpassed opportunities for cultural exploration and adventure. We do our best to ensure that all our students make the most of their time in England.

Paris Connection – August 4 – August 10

The Paris Connection is a 6-night extension to The Cambridge Tradition.  Students are taken to Paris on the final day. They are housed at the MIJE, in the Marais, a beautiful historic district on the rive droite. The area is home to art galleries, cafés, and boutiques, and is within easy reach of, among others, Notre Dame, the Île Saint-Louis, the Louvre, the Tuileries, the Picasso Museum, and the Pompidou.

The schedule is carefully designed to make the most of our students’ time while blending study and fun. Activities include expert-led visits of world-famous museums and monuments, outings to Montmartre, the catacombs, fun-fairs, shopping, and sampling different French cuisines in a selection of traditional restaurants. Paris becomes the perfect place for discovery and learning.

Paris Connection

Useful Info for Parents


Every student is met personally at Heathrow or Gatwick airport upon arrival and escorted to Cambridge. At the end of the program, they are accompanied back to the airport, where we oversee check-in and departure. A representative stays at the airport until every flight has departed.


Cambridge is extremely safe.  Jesus College has controlled access and twenty-four hour security. Day-to-day life is overseen by teams of Deans - professional educators drawn from leading schools in the US, Canada, and Australia. The College has a program office, in a central location, which is open and permanently staffed by Deans from before 8am until well past midnight. Every student checks in personally, every evening, with the Deans on duty. The Program Director, Deans, residential staff, and some members of faculty live in the residences, ensuring round-the-clock care and supervision.

Student Safety, Rules, and Behavior

Program Blog

Every summer, students and teachers on The Cambridge Tradition maintain a blog, which provides unparalleled insight into daily life, classes, and activities.  Last summer’s blog is available here!

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