The Oxford Spring Seminar

Grades 10-12
April 1-8 and April 8-15, 2018
Tuition: $2550

The Oxford Spring Seminar is a week-long academic program for students in grades 10-12 held in Corpus Christi College, Oxford from April 1-8 and Pembroke College, Oxford from April 8-15, 2018.  It provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in subjects that fascinate them, and to brush up on the skills required for university applications, all under the guidance of Oxford experts. More significantly, it provides schools with the opportunity to design their own intensive, pre-college experiences.

Courses and Classes

Students choose one course which meets every morning for three and a half hours. Our most popular courses include Business, Creative Writing, and Medicine. Descriptions for these are below, and you can follow the link to read more about all our courses.


Students examine the dynamic world of business by working through specific case studies. They seek to uncover some of the keys to successful business leadership, and to discover what makes one entrepreneur succeed while another fails. By trying their hand at game theory and various negotiation tactics, they get to grips with managerial organization in all its forms.

Creative Writing

Taking inspiration from the city’s quirky history, students seek to master different genres. They experiment with comedy, drama, horror, realism, satire, and tragedy, as well as memoir and poetry. They also tackle technical principles like characterization, dialogue, and narrative structure. One day is dedicated to the machinations of publication. Topics include copy-editing and manuscript preparation in different media. Students leave Oxford with a budding corpus of work.


Led by researchers engaged in cutting-edge work in experimental psychology, students address a different topic each morning. These include introductions to mental processes and problem solving, Evolutionary Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Behaviorism, and Psychoanalysis. In addition to surveying various fields, students learn how research projects are developed and experiments undertaken.

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The Spring Seminar also features a wide range of university admissions workshops. Local experts provide invaluable insight into the application process. Topics covered during a series of unique afternoon workshops include:

  • Application Planning: how to craft a stand-out university application

  • The University Interview: how to make a positive impact

  • College Life: an introduction by current Oxford students

  • Transatlantic Applicants: the leap from the Common App to UCAS


Our teachers are academics and researchers drawn from the University, and established creative professionals. A few biographies are listed below, and you can follow the link to meet all our faculty.

Dr. Luke Berryman

BA University of Oxford, MA Boston University, PhD King’s College London

Dr. Berryman is a specialist in cultural history. His recent research focuses on the use of classical music in Nazi propaganda.

Dr. Farid Garas

BA, DPhil University of Oxford

After several years of research into immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy, Dr. Garas has returned to his studies in clinical medicine to qualify for practice.

Dr. Jan Cosgrave

MA University of Glasgow, DPhil University of Oxford

Dr. Cosgrave's doctoral thesis explored the roles of subjective perception and objective markers of sleep (and how these can interact) in the formation of psychiatric symptomatology, with a focus on PLEs. Alongside she worked in the Oxford Early Invention Service specializing in sleep related complaints in psychosis. In 2017, Dr. Cosgrave was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to conduct research at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Corpus Christi College was founded in 1517 by Richard Fox, bishop and political adviser to King Henry VII. Former members include founder of the colony Georgia, James Oglethorpe, social and political theorist Isaiah Berlin, and American philosopher Thomas Nagel.

Pembroke College was founded in 1624 by King James I. Former members include British Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger, American Senator J. William Fulbright, Sir Roger Bannister, and Samuel Johnson, author of A Dictionary of the English Language.


The Spring Seminar includes a day trip to London, in which students see some of the capital’s most famous sights on foot. We also visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on the South Bank for a guided tour conducted by experts – complete with Elizabethan sword-fighting demonstrations! After some free time in which students are able to eat dinner in restaurants or cafes of their choosing, we walk to one of the many nearby world-renowned theaters to take in a show. Past venues have included the West End and The Old Vic.

Useful Info for Parents


Every student is met personally at Heathrow or Gatwick airport upon arrival and escorted to Oxford. At the end of the program, they are accompanied back to the airport, where we oversee check-in and departure. A representative stays at the airport until every flight has departed.


Pembroke is situated in a very safe neighborhood, with controlled access and twenty-four hour security. Day-to-day life is overseen by teams of Deans - professional educators drawn from leading schools in the US, Canada, and Australia. The College has a program office, in a central location, which is open and permanently staffed by Deans from before 8am until well past midnight. Every student checks in personally, twice, every evening, with the Deans on duty. The Program Director, Deans, residential staff, and some members of faculty live in the residences, ensuring round-the-clock care and supervision.

Student Safety, Rules, and Behavior

Program Blog

Every summer, students and teachers on The Oxford Spring Seminar maintain a blog, which provides unparalleled insight into daily life, classes, and activities.  Last summer’s blog is available here!

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