Every summer we receive and catalogue detailed feedback from our students, their parents, and our faculty and staff. We are always happy to put prospective parents in touch with families that have participated on our programs.

Students tell us that they have transformative experiences and that our programs help them discover and confirm their main interests. Parents are often impressed by the growth and maturity that they see in their students after an Oxbridge summer.

Where are they now?

We regularly ask our alums to update us about their academic progress. The most recent random survey of 662 alums revealed that 584 of them – or 88% – went on to attend the following institutions:

Student Testimonials

“We all loved what we’re here to do, which is to learn.” - The Oxford Tradition attendee

“I feel like I’ve learned so much about how to function in French culture and I understand Paris so well at this point. I’m able to navigate the city by foot or metro and I feel so comfortable here.” - L'Acadé​mie de Paris attendee

“This program has helped shape my views on becoming a responsible, well-rounded, hardworking, and a positive contribution to society. It has helped me so much with both my personal and team-work skills. I’m so thankful to have been given such a life-changing opportunity!” - La Academia de España attendee

"My major course on The Oxford Tradition was Molecular Medicine, and I am currently beginning my 4th year of Medical School and planning to be a surgeon. My Oxbridge experience was key in helping me decide whether or not I should go to Medical School. My teachers empowered me in a beautiful way, making me reach beyond my limits; in class we were constantly challenging each other. The Oxbridge experience has opened doors I could never have imagined, and the people I met in Oxford have a special place in my heart." - The Oxford Tradition attendee

"I feel like I have learned more here in a month than I have at home in a year.” - The Oxford Prep attendee

“It has been the best 4 weeks of my life and I really, really loved it. I loved the teachers, staff, peers, friends and independence.” - Oxbridge at UCLA attendee

“Studying in Oxford was pretty magnificent compared to school at home, because there is a certain air of academic dedication that I really appreciate.” - The Oxford Tradition attendee

“At school I learn different subjects biology, chemistry, physics…but here is where you learn how to apply them to the real world.” - The College Experience in Boston attendee

“This program was a great experience, and I am sad that it is coming to an end. My courses helped me a lot with coming to a conclusion about what major I would like to pursue in college. This program helped me become more mature and responsible, creating memories that I will remember for a very long time.” - Oxbridge at St Andrews attendee

"I never studied economics or business in school, so this has been a great course. New York allowed us to visit banks such as Citibank and the NY Fed to learn on-site how the banking system works. That would never have been a possibility from where I live." - The New York College Experience attendee

"I have learned more French in my one month in Paris than during the two years I studied French back at home."   - L'Académie de Paris attendee

"My Creative Writing class at Cambridge was the first time I had a class that allowed me to focus on my poetry. I was greatly encouraged by our instructor, Michael Sofranko, and went on to win many national and high school awards for my writing including the Howard Nemerov Award from Washington University in St. Louis and Karolyn Kizer award from the Seattle Review. I was selected by the English Department at my high school to attend The Breadloaf Young Writers conference, and I went to University of Iowa's summer writing institute as well as the New York State Young Writers Institute. This all started in Cambridge." - The Cambridge Tradition attendee, now at the University of Pennsylvania

Parent Testimonials

"I just wanted to express my thanks to you and all the onsite staff who made my son's experience the best in his life thus far. Apart from making wonderful friends from all over the globe, he got so much out of the academic side. He found the teachers and course content to be incredibly interesting and enriching." - Oxbridge at UCLA parent

"It's incredible how fast the program in Boston came to an end filling our hearts with lifelong memories and friendships. Our son came back more mature, confident and at the most very delighted. We, as his family, wish to thank you for all the devoted effort, knowledge and elaborative care you put into this program. It's going to be remembered always as a touchstone of unique education and friendship in our lives." - The College Experience in Boston parent

"My daughter had an amazing experience in England.  She came home with pictures, souvenirs and lots of stories.  She said that there were so many activities planned that there was no way you could go to all of them The Oxbridge Program has given her lots of insight into her major and minor choices, dorm living, friends, attending a college near a city, proximity from home, and so much more. She loved her professors and the people from the program that she came in contact with. She said that there were so many activities planned that there was no way you could go to all of them. This program has exceeded our expectations." - The Oxford Tradition parent

"Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping my daughter safe and giving her such a wonderful experience!" - The Oxford Tradition Parent

"I want to express an enthusiastic “Thank you” to Oxbridge and the LADEBA Team! My daughter had a wonderful experience. Her Spanish has improved and she enjoyed the experience of living in Barcelona. I believe that the amount of freedom that the students had was confidence building. Kate was proud that she was able to navigate the subway without getting lost and that she could function in Spanish in the city." - La Academia de Barcelona Parent

"My daughter has just returned from her New York College Experience. As you can imagine she is sad to be home and very much missing the wonderful time and friends she made in New York. I wanted to thank you and your team for providing her with such a full, varied and enriching program. She thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the program and it provided a real opportunity to experience college life. Being in NYC was of course a massive bonus!" - The New York College Experience parent

"She had a marvelous, transformative experience in Salamanca. We thank you for your outstanding program, planning, staffing, guidance, exposure, and supervision. We are very grateful for your tremendous care and effort."  - La Academia de Españ​a parent